The story, the platform

The Pushtribe team was founded by two members, Daniel Nevius and Michael Cioffi. We set out with the simple goal to give everyone the tools they need to get feedback and advice from their mentors, and build upon that work based on the knowledge of a broader community. View our research here.


Our friends at Creative Cloud helped us with branding Pushtribe as a name and brand. The name "Pushtribe" derives from its two base words: "push" meaning the distribution of knowledge to your network and "tribe" the collection of people you trust and confide in for advice. The logo design revolved around a community similar to native tribes, and the color scheme resembled a warm, earthtone palette.

The Pushtribe logo and color scheme

The Experience

  • Start a Project
    • we help you get started on your first project whether it be a a thesis you are working on or a hobby you do on the side
  • Add Packages
    • get inspired and gather knowledge by downloading packages (bundle of advice) in the mentor community
  • Build your Tribe
    • build the tribe of people around you who can provide support and make it easy to ask for help
  • Donate to a Cause
    • we give you the opportunity to share what you have learned while raising money for a cause you believe in

The Design

Example of package
Example of package cont'd
Example mentorship partner donation
Example mentorship partner donation