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Welcome! Michael Cioffi is a product and campaign leader, having overseen growth of products in both the pharmacy and health insurance industries. Michael currently manages product at Aetna Health.

Being a Boston native, Michael grew up an all-season runner, and enjoys how fitness and health can improve the lives of others. Michael's foray into healthcare stems from his experience as a family guardian. He holds degrees at Harvard (2011) and Carnegie Mellon (2014).

mcioffi aetna

Aetna (2017-now) - Making personal health easier to manage, for you and your loved ones, without needing to do the extra work

mcioffi zipdrug

Zipdrug (2016-2017) - Redefining the patient experience and healthcare logistics in delivering and managing medications

mcioffi cvs

CVS Health (2015-2016) - Developing new health platforms for patients with co-morbidities and chronic conditions using specialty pharmacies

mcioffi pushtribe

Pushtribe (2013-2014) - Facilitating mentorship relationships and communities

mcioffi schneider

Schneider Electric (2011-2013) - Building industrial scale software applications to run process automation in factories around the globe

mcioffi carnegie

Carnegie Mellon University (2013-2014) - Creating products and services ... degree in (master) of (product development)

mcioffi harvard

Harvard University (2007-2011) - Moonlighting as an engineer ... degree in (bachelor) of (science in engineering)